About Us

Contact Metals, Inc. was founded by Alfred Nagorny in 1991 as a Wisconsin based extension of Airborne Manufacturing (est. 1968 and founded by Alfred Nagorny) in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Since then, we have been providing prototyping and short-run production metal stamping for our customers across the U.S. We are a family owned and operated business that focuses on working with our customers to consistently deliver quality parts whether it’s a 500 piece order or 10,000 piece order.

In January of 2017, Alan Nagorny took over the position of general manager and he made it his goal to increase the production quality even more. In pursuit of that goal, we became ISO 9001:2015 certified in July of 2017 to show our customers that we hold ourselves to a higher quality standard than ever before in every process and every product that goes out our doors.

In October 2021, Alan Nagorny along with his younger brother Jeremy Nagorny purchased Contact Metals from their father to allow Alfred to retire.